Le Monstre Vert Smoothie

Your New Year’s resolution in a glass.  Got this bad boy recipe from my man Mark who not only uses it to kick life’s ass in gear but also as a post pancake carb slump.  It works.  I instantly feel better, more revived after having it.  And yes…it’s delicious.  Don’t let that green fool you, it’s tasty stuff.  Told yourself you’re gonna eat more fruit and veggies this year?  Done.  Be good to yourself?  Done.  Reconnect with your inner badass?  Done.  Blend this baby up and you’ll be saying “BRING IT 2014 CUZ I GOT THIS!”  Paired with Mark’s playlist of songs to get your Hulk on. 


Le Monstre Vert Smoothie



1 cup of almond milk (or soy, your choice)
1 cup kale*
1 banana*, chopped
1/3 cucumber, chopped
1/2 apple, chopped

* = frozen or fresh
Additional option:

1/2 cup berries of choice

  • Place the almond milk in the blender first, then add remaining ingredients.
  • Blend it up and drink it!

Le Monstre Vert Smoothie

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